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Where the story began...



The journey begins with being rescued. From the moment a pet arrives and their paws touch the grass, we want them to know they are safe, loved, cared for and valued. They will have everything they need to heal from physical and emotional wounds, and grow into a happy, playful dog that's ready to go home with you! Learn more below!

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About: The Wildflower Ranch
Who is Jake?
Jennifer and Dog

"During the summer of 2019, I began the journey to develop an organization that rescues, restores and rehomes dogs. In my search for the perfect property, I knew the second I saw The Wildflower Ranch it would be the perfect place for dogs to find safe haven and begin their process of healing.

Our 40 acres of beautiful, wild property allows dogs to reconnect to nature, humans and other dogs in such a vital way. We are creating a place where miracles will happen. Dogs who had been cast aside will find peace, learn to live in healthy community again and be restored to who they really are. Ultimately, we will connect them with a new family to love with all of their hearts. We are thrilled to begin this great journey at The Wildflower Ranch. Sometimes I catch my breath when I look forward and think of how we will save countless dogs from a fate that no animal should have to endure. Ready or not, here we go!"

Jennifer Cole

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Founder & Executive Director


And where it all began

"My husband Adam arrived home to find this dog sitting in the spot where he always parks his truck. It was as if the dog had been waiting on him! That day in 2007 also happened to be Jennifer and Adam's anniversary. They had no idea what a special anniversary gift Jake would turn out to be."

After determining the dog had been intentionally abandoned, the Coles adopted him and he became Jake, their beloved family pet. From sunup to sundown, he filled their home with his constant, loyal presence and his sweet nature. He especially loved their twin girls. Several years ago, the Cole family lost Jake in a tragic accident. The void he left in their home was the first of many markers in Jennifer's life that paved the way for her to discover her new calling to rescue, restore, and rehome dogs in distress.


When Jennifer decided to name "Jake's House of Animal Rescue" after Jake, it wasn't just because of how deeply he was missed or how much he meant to her. He truly embodied the beautiful image of a rescued dog perfectly completing a family. At Jake's House, our goal is for every dog to have the opportunity to be a healthy, loving, playful dog that uniquely fits in their forever home. We are not just helping dogs in desperate need of our intervention and care, we are also helping the humans that each dog ultimately belongs to. Just like Jake, every dog should have the chance to love and be loved in a safe and happy home.


We Believe in:

  • Making the dog whole (both on the inside and on the outside).

  • Ensuring quality over quantity.

  • Offering a resort-level accommodations, because every dog is and will be a family's priceless and treasured pet.

  • Helping dogs heal from the constant fight or flight mode they've experienced before being rescued.

  • Giving each dog the attention and care they need to learn how to build trust. 

  • Connecting dogs with families that are the right fit for each other.

  • Training new owners during the adoption process with some of the unique rehabilitation methods and words we've been using at Jake's House, so the consistency and healing can continue in their new home.

  • Offering support after our dogs go to their new home including free consultations with our behavioral specialists as everyone is adjusting to life together with emails or chats.

  • Offering continued training if necessary.


This is How it Works:

  • Complete an initial assessment.

  • Develop a physical plan and a behavioral plan for each dog's specific needs.

  • Create a multidisciplinary team-based approach.

  • Chronicle each dog's story, keeping a detailed file on each dog with the details of their story that will create more understanding as their new family adjusts to being together.

  • Focus on the end-goal: Come up with a projected length of stay until they're ready to go "help a human."

  • Finding the right family that pairs well with who they are, so that their forever home truly is forever.

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